Blackboys Library – SHoT 17

Our sunny walk to Uckfield was going well, but we were feeling peckish.

There was no chance of eating at the highly recommended Blackboys Inn, so we sat on a bench listening to a distant Jay calling.

Roz makes exceedingly good wraps and sandwiches, but perhaps the Sussex countryside is the most important ingredient.

The aforementioned pub had a sign outside saying tehy were open for “takeaways”, but there was no sign of life and we kept walking.

Skirting the pond, then up beyond the school and a left turning onto bus route.

Just as we were about to cross and take a path down the boundary of a delightful new build home Roz called out.

She’d spotted a big Reader Digest Bible in the bus shelter, and a racking system choc full of books.

I was quite excited by a couple of the titles, one of which had been given to me as a present back in the 1960s.

In case you’re wondering the village name would appear to be connected to the local charcoal trade dating back to the 16th century.

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