Triggers and flies – SHoT 17

What a lovely way to end the 17th Stage of The Sussex Hospices Trail, walking into the light!

Close to Uckfield Station the sun was low, and lighting up the path.

Whilst Roz shielded her eyes from the bright light mine were drawn to the midges.

You can see them as white dots to the left of my photo.

What you can’t quite make out is the fact they were dancing in vertical columns, some going up – the other doing down.

My mind was triggered towards the amazing “Doom” painting at Chaldon church which I mentioned on a post last year.

The mural shows a ladder passing from heaven to earth, and shows the Last Judgement when Jesus sends those who love him to Heaven, and banishes those who reject him to an eternity in hell.

These days “The Church” is very big on John’s Gospel, and the theme that God is Love. I’m okay with that, and certainly during advent we think of baby Jesus born a king.

The insecure king of the day (Herod) tried to trick the wise men into revealing where this new sovereign could be found, and after being warned in a dream they went home a different way.

In his rage Herod ordered that all the baby boys born at that time should be murdered. Satan was inspiring evil acts then, just as he does today.

Thirty three years later the Son of God now a much loved teacher, and friend of the poor was to betrayed by one of his closest followers.

Jesus died on a cross, to take away my sins.

He is the only way to The Father.

He is “the door” will you choose to come into His kingdom, or follow the great deceiver and an eternity of separation?

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