Old Friend – New Book (21)

By: snowgood

Oct 19 2018

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Torquay…to the End of the World

Here’s an interesting story.

Perhaps more so for me, as I see several parallels between my life and Mark Wadie’s.

We’ve both lived in Chudleigh.

He used to live near Gatwick Airport (which is about 5 miles from where we live now).

We both had more than a few scares in Reliant Regal vans.

He’s a talented mechanic, and I’m not.

This book gives the inside track on Mark’s childhood through to his incredible experience walking a donkey through Turkey.

Something amazing happens to him whilst he’s in the back of beyond, but I’ll not spoil it by spilling the beans.

Mark’s a lively chap, and that comes across on every page.

I look forward to the next volume, which will reveal more of the man I know.

Someone fundamentally different to character riding a Triumph Daytona on the Devon lanes.