The Running Sky

By: snowgood

Nov 14 2019

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Category: birds, books, Life, Memories

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Here’s a book that virtually jumped off our bookcase.

Roz was away for a few days and I really fancied “a good read”.

I saw The Running Sky and thought, hey up that could be good.

Pulled it off the shelf, and thought who gave me this and how long ago didn’t the chief tidy upper hide it here?

It started off in a way that didn’t draw me in, then rather like the Pied Flycatcher in the last chapter flitted about.

One chunk would be sheer joy, the next an apparent release of melancholy.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have emotions – but I was here to read about birds.

In truth it’s almost like an “In the  psychiatrist’s chair” story intertwined with some ace birding stuff.

For me it was worth reading, but peculiarly disjointed. Don’t be fooled by the chapters encompassing the twelve months of the year.

Our energetic author dances across decades as well as months.

My final observation from the main text is that ends wonderfully – possibly my all time second best book ending.

If you’re interested the last page of Frederik Forsyth’s “Day of the Jackal” is my all time favourite!

Who knows how long This has collected dust on my shelf, Tim Dee’s book was first published in 2009.