Review 22 – William the Conqueror

It took me a few weeks to source two good “second hand” William books.

Neither had ever been read, and this one was certainly worth the £2.50 paid over to a lovely lady trying to shut her Topsham Bookshop as I walked in.

If you’re old enough to remember “old fashioned schooling” with severe teachers, detentions, and a society in which many employed servants “William” is a treat.

The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montagu was my favourite short story, but I found myself laughing at several others.

I have to confess I’d like to be transported back to my old school and have “Rory” read these stories.  He could often be tricked into reading from William books for an entire lesson.

Now as a much older devotee I have to confess the sheen has faded slightly.  Overall score – 6 out of 10.