Lewis for aficionados

By: snowgood

Feb 22 2017

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Category: Children, literature

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Most children, and countless adults enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia.

The seven book series features an allegorical story which reaches a deeper level for those of us who know the “real” Aslan.

In this volume the earliest writings of Jack and Warnie are pieced together forming an introduction to their fantasy animal world.

As a work written by boys before they’d become teenagers this collection of plays, illustrations and stories stands tall.

In the context of “Is it a good read?” then sadly this book fares less well.

A cruel reviewer might suggest this ramshackle collection of artefacts were collated in a blatant attempt to dupe the C.S.Lewis enthusiast.

On balance I’d be inclined to agree.

It warrants a 2 out of 5 rating.