should it be Heathrow?

By: snowgood

Oct 25 2016

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Category: aircraft, Politics, Travel

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Living within 2 miles of the main approach to Gatwick you’d think I’d be glad that Heathrow has been nominated as venue for a further London airport expansion.

In truth I think the nation would be better off without either option. How do most people get to Heathrow? By car! The M25 can’t cope now, so what will happen when even more passengers choose that option?

Chaos and jams!

If the Government were to have chosen Gatwick at least there’s a main line railway station which services the airport. It’s a pity Southern Rail can’t supply enough staff to run the service!

Perhaps in ten years time after an extra runway has been the trains might be running, and the nation would have preferred Gatwick.

Personally I think we’ve more than enough routes, traffic, travel and we’d better off staying at home.

The pollution and disruption are too high a cost.

For once I agree with the Greens.