The Limit – Michael Cannell

By: snowgood

Jul 26 2020

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Category: books, Cars, literature

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What a good book!

The author isn’t a keen motorist, but certainly knows how to write a good story.

My interest in motor sport started just as Jackie Stewart’s safety crusade began to make waves.

The characters in this book which culminates in the 1961 Formula One were dicing with death.

Cannell manages to tell the story of an inter-team rivalry between Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips without resorting to the simplistic nonsense that ruins most motor racing films.

There’s a bit of artistic licence to some of the race reportage, but the only true faux pas is the suggestion that the 1500cc Ferrari 156 produced 400 bhp.

A few pages further on we learn the second fastest Grand Prix car pushed out just 180 bhp.

You don’t need to ponder that for long to realise there’s a mistake.

That aside I’d say the book is well written, and worth 9 out 10.

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