Full Speed Ahead – GMT29

After my astonishment at fence jumping cows I  came across a quaint church, an awesome house with battlements, and a slug.

I stood close to the verge  as a Subaru approached.

It turned into a driveway, but this slug was oblivious to the danger.

On the way out of Somersby my route crossed the River Lymn and I met a family group out walking dogs.

Up ahead a distant farmer seemed to be harvesting, which was odd for such a gloomy evening.

Later  my route turned off the tarmac and along a path heading for Tetford.

The crops here seemed to be weeds, and the latter end was a series of paddocks with nervous horses that galloped away as I approached.

I entered the edge of Tetford via a left turn, and a little later turned right just beyond a care home.

This next section was delightful passing fascinating properties, and a gentle descent towards a white gate.

Beyond the gate the verge was covered in ripe wild strawberries.

Across the lane a small watercourse ran to the side of an old mill, and the route turned sharp right.

Beyond Tetford church I walked a further half mile towards Little London.

The official route was via a driveway and beyond a warning sign stating “ Two dogs – ring bell, or go back and use the road”.

I wasn’t so easily put off, marched on  opened  a further recalcitrant gate and negotiating an electric fence.

I’m never impressed by exposed electric fences across public footpaths, but a bigger hazard was up ahead.

A free range  bull kept a close eye on me as I made my to a stile further on.

I survived, and my stage ended at a cottage on a T junction.




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