South of Louth – GMT 30

Just after 9:00am on 18/07/2020 and I was on the next stage of the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

I’d enjoyed a rushed breakfast at the Brackenborough Hotel and a pleasant ride in a Seat Leon taxi back to Little London, just south of Louth.

The minimum objective for the day was to walk back to the hotel (approximately 14 miles away) and the optimistic target was to reach Cleethorpes.

The first surprise of the morning was a long distance runner  who met me at the bottom of this hill. He’d already clocked up 20 odd miles versus my 200 odd paces!

The next surprise was the humidity.  Even walking up this incline with a reasonable breeze it was a “clammy” experience.

From the top of the hill I could see a few farm hands working on a trailer, one waved.  Up ahead a field dropped away like an amphitheatre, featuring the black dots representing the rooks and jackdaws of the audience.

From the west I was assaulted by the considerable din from racers at the nearby Cadwell Park.

After half an hour of walking my love of motorsport weakened, and I became desperate for a bit of peace and quiet!


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