GMT – the view from Pedlersburgh

By: snowgood

Jan 12 2020

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Category: adventure, birds, Sussex, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

A panoramic photo taken from the top of the first (of many climbs) I’ll face on the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

Just above the Pedlersburgh Tumuli the vista includes Peacehaven to the left (east) and Saltdean to the right.

If you zoom in on the coastline you might see a distant tower.

That’s the British Airways i360 which takes well heeled tourist up a vertical shaft inside a giant doughnut.

You might think the picture’s rather grey, but don’t feel sorry for me, as things were just starting to get easy for me.

The savage wind was now behind me, and I was about to drop down into a village with just fifty inhabitants.

Telscombe is listed as both a “town” with over 7000 inhabitants, and a village some way north of the main conurbation.

Before I got that far I popped slightly off course to examine a pond on top of the hill.

Could it be one of the famous Sussex “Dew Ponds”?  I’m not sure, but a pond at high level is worth celebrating.

Once down in the valley there was no time to pop into the church, but I did admire the architecture of “The Old Rectory”.

The rector (vicar?) here would have a 50 yard walk to deliver his sermons, and what looked like an eight bedroom property to house his family!

Climbing out of the village I came across an extraordinary thin llama.  From a distance the it looked like a woolly AT-AT Walker from Star Wars.

Then the path veered left into a field and down into a valley.

Further to west a lone motorbike was being buzzed around a Motocross Track.

After one minor error of navigation I was soon back on track heading towards Southease.

To my left I disturbed around twenty Red Leg Partridges.

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