GMT – Walk like an Egyptian

Here’s a fairly typical scene from the early stages of the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

Walking on the cliffs from East to West Peacehaven there’s sea on your left, a motley collection of (mainly) run down bungalows on your right and dog walkers fore and aft.

Yesterday the wind was so strong there were times when stepping forwards was extremely difficult.  Thankfully there was no rain.

So why do I call this post “Walk like an Egyptian”?

Well, I’ll tell you.

The photograph was taken from besides Cairo Avenue South, and looks down towards the sea defences and Malines Avenue South.

Note the rock structure is 95% chalk, and 5% flint.  All along this part of the south coast there are various roads and cuttings to give access to low level walk just above sea-level.

My advice to walkers on this section, “Tread carefully”. Despite bins being placed approximately every 50 yards there’s dog poo liberally marking the route!

Half an hour after leaving the Meridian Monument I took my only break of the day.

A quick coffee in The Telscombe Tavern.  Outwardly it looked pretty unappealing, but once inside the coffee was very good and the toilets were clean.

Back outside the path dipped down then up and across the A259, and at last I was heading towards Lewes rather heading west.

Once again I was on a grassy tract between seventies style bungalows and delighted to see my first Rooks of the year.

There was a gentle rise, and the route eventually joins an old track heading towards the tiny village of Telscombe.

2 comments on “GMT – Walk like an Egyptian”

  1. How did the rock structure get cut even like that?

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