source of the Medway River

By: snowgood

Mar 05 2019

Category: Nature, Sussex, Walking

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Who knew that somewhere between Turners Hill and East Grinstead we have the source of the River Medway?

That’s right, one of Kent’s most significant rivers start here in West Sussex.

The sun was rapidly dropping towards the horizon as we headed back towards Crawley Down.

Our route took us right past the source of the Medway and in-between some extensive lakes.

The predominant species here were Mallards, but enormous cormorants were in great abundance too.

We left them and the Swans behind us as we headed up to the Worth Way, where chanced upon three rather clueless Sika Deer.

One stood her ground, before across in front of us, whilst the other two went away from us quite rapidly.

That was pretty much it for the day.

The streetlights were coming on as we walked back to the Turners Hill Road.

14 miles in about 6 hours including our lunch-time, and Kingscote stops.

A great walk that I’ll be happy to do again.


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