The Taking of K-129

A few days ago I completed my 6th book of the year.

What a story!

The book is incredibly well researched, and in a way reminded me of Frederick Forsyth’s “The Dogs of War”.

Except in this instance the completed work was about an incredible event that really happened, rather a creative blend of fact and fiction.

So here’s a brief outline of the plot.

Back in the cold war era a diesel submarine is sent out on a patrol, apparently against the will of the captain.

The early stages of these missions were invariably made whilst the machine was submerged.

Although this would not have precluded communication if the sub was pretty close to the surface (not a lot of people know that).

About 2 weeks after sailing the Captain would have been given access to his orders, and carried out the mission.

Except on this occasion the vessel was lost, the Russians hadn’t a clue where it was and the Yanks get wind of the calamity.

By careful interpretation of audible signals Team USA are able to track down K-129 somewhere near Hawaii.

What would they give for the intelligence an intact Russian sub holds?

You can imagine the value of first hand scrutiny of the nuclear missile systems, and technology systems.

Only there’s a massive obstacle to assimilating this crucial “treasure”.  K-129 is stuck on the sea-bed over 3 miles under the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

The CIA want that information, and together with the guys that put Gary Powers and the U2 spy plane into air they’re going do their utmost to get it.

They even create a plausible cover story using Howard Hughes and deep sea mining to keep their noses clean.

What could possibly go wrong?

Snowgood Rating: 5 out of 5

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