Knole – North Downs – Greensand Way

Last Sunday dawned with bright sunshine, but after Saturday’s mud-fest Roz couldn’t be persuaded to join me on any further Greensand Way adventures.

Although we live within easy striking distance of the start getting there was not the work of a moment.

Rather than risk being stranded in the remote village of Dunk’s Green I had to drive virtually to Maidstone and drive south, and then call a cab.

Sadly a modern iPhone can’t get a signal anywhere in this destination, and I had to drive into Plaxtol to get one bar and a connection with Beeline Taxis.

A smart 241,000 mile BMW 5 Series came to collect me and I eventually started my walk in Knole Park at 1:00pmnearly 2 hours after leaving home.

Who cares, when the weather is this good and you’re experiencing a new area with far reaching views?

That’s the North Downs off to the north, and to date all my Knole Park walks have been confined to that end. This section nearer the A21 was surprisingly pleasant, with a solid track instead of Kentish mud for the first mile.

After a while and howl of Porsche’s, Audis, and a Ferrari on the adjacent St.Julian’s Road the trail turned 90 degrees right and into woodland.

It was turning into a rather wonderful day, and much easier going than the previous section.

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