Light at the end of tunnel?

Our Saturday section of the Greensand Way finished on Riverhill, Sevenoaks next to Knole Park. We were in good spirits after a packed lunch in the Hubbard Hill bus shelter. The latter stages of this stage were a cruel slog which brought us close to neglected horses caked in mud.

My knees were creaking afterwards after articulating over uneven ground. If I had to nominate the grottiest part of the trail so far this section would win. Considering we were walking in sunshine I imagine pour souls who come this wayin the rain will be utterly despondent.

The other reason for sharing the photo is the (perhaps forlorn) hope that we’ll soon have the Covid 19 virus licked and “get back to normal”. From where I’m standing life will never be the same again.

Mind you, I’ll be happy when we can meet friends, eat out and stay away again. Being so close to family and friends in Seal Hollow Road and not saying hello leaves us feeling short changed.

Enough that! My next post will outline the joys of the next 7 miles to Dunk’s Green which was far more enjoyable.

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