area of outstanding natural beauty

Leaving Brockham behind and skirting south of Betchworth the Greensand Way took a north easterly course, before popping out on the boundary of Park Pit.

You’d think Park Pit would be a quarry, but it’s actually a lake. Sadly it was virtually invisible from Dungate’s Lane.

We by-passed several retrievers, before coming out onto Reigate Heath (the destination on two walks last year).

This photo is taken just yards away from the Golf Clubhouse, and windmill. That’s “The Surrey Hills” and the environs of Box Hill and Headley heath in the distance.

Coffee was available a few hundred yards later at “Skimmington Castle” but with so many people milling around it got the thumbs down.

Further on we dodged a bleeping delivery van, climbed a steep track and discovered a T5 neon tube at a viewpoint.

After further climbing we collapsed on a bench to eat our packed lunch.

A variety of spaniels wandered over to see if we needed any assistance, and a healthy lycra clad lady bounced across the skyline before tackling severe looking reverse press up on the adjacent bench!

Phew! How does anyone manage that after such a nasty climb?

Although I’d recommend the view from this part of Reigate Park just south of Priory Park.

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