shaking the quilt – Greensand Way

After walking around a housing estate built within the grounds of the Royal Earlswood Asylum our route became a veritable mud bath.

Slipping and sliding our way along the path eventually crossed a narrow tarmac road and meandered between trees in the general direction of Redhill Aerodrome.

Then it was a quick left, and up Bower Hill Lane. The All Trails app suggested we follow the road all the way through to Priory Farm.

It was wrong, it forked off along the brow a hill with this splendid vista.

For all intents and purposes the landscape looked just like my quilt when I “woosh it up” each morning in a feeble attempt to make my bedroom look today.

The street down below was were Roz and I started the Godstone leg of the Greensand Way last weekend.

Up behind was a make shift adventure playground and castle.

We thought it was probably part of Priory Farm, and their attempts to welcome families.

Let’s leave this stage with that view, and the sound of a screeching Parakeet that flew overhead as we covered the last few hundred yards.

2 comments on “shaking the quilt – Greensand Way”

  1. It looks beautiful and peaceful and I would like to be there. We have snow and cold here.

  2. Hello Joy, good to hear you. We had snow for a few hours – usual winter showers now. How’s the current situation where you live. For me the weekend walks are a necessity – being stuck indoors most working days is a challenge.

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