Green on the Greensand Way

What a week.

Work seems to be taking over every waking hour!

I’m just catching up with my third post on our Nutfield to Godstone walk.

After going “into the gap” the route coursed along beside a field, and then popped out into the open.

During the 4 hours of walking I spotted 28 birds. By the time I’d reached this easterly stage I was lamenting the lack of Pheasants and Buzzards.

This field somehow seemed “right” for a Buzzard, and my hope was rewarded with one flying across between the trees to the right of “that bobble hat”.

Half an hour later I’d added a few more species to my list, and we got to sit on the bench with our sandwiches.

The route back to the car was all on tarmac pavements, and the last 2.8 miles were completed superfast.

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