Happy Ending – Sussex Hospices Trail

I’ve done a fair few long distance trails, and one thing I keep trying to fix is a suitable ending.

Who’s the twit that arranged for a taxi pick up to coincide with the last leg of the Cornish Coast Path?

Rather than chomping on a pasty with a good drink I found myself “celebrating” in a mini-cab!

Earlier this year a youth trying to kill himself on the road to Spurn Head put paid to my celebratory swim at Sand le Mere when I reached the end of the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

Roz was stuck, and I simply had to turn round and start walking back to the car.

Saturday’s 200 mile trail had to be different.

The last half an hour took me down College Road, and back to Haywards Heath Railway Station.

I had an “eye opening” experience there. I asked the employee on the ticket barrier if I could use the loo, and got told they were for customers!

He obviously looked at my knackered boots and muddy trousers and thought I was homeless. I pointed out I use the train all the time for work and then he let me through.

Ten minutes later I was at Starbucks concession in Sainsburys, and got a better reception from Joe.

Needless to say they were flat out busy, but he had time to update me on what our grandchildren were up to whilst I had a Gingerbread Latte.

So the Sussex Hospices Trail had been completed, and now there was just the half a mile stroll back to my car.

As is my custom it was now time to take off my muddy boots and trousers, whilst keeping an eye open for an opportune moment.

Looking up and down the street, up at the house near where I parked I got on with it.

I hadn’t banked on a rapid lady jogger whizzing up the pavement just at the wrong moment. We both saw the funny side of the incident!

A few minutes later I hit the starter button and headed home.

Neither Roz and Joe could quite believe I’d finished the last stage before mid-day.

Perhaps I should close with a link to this stage, where you can investigate the route in detail.

One comment on “Happy Ending – Sussex Hospices Trail”

  1. Very well done you! Dodgy flashing eh!!! Pleased Joe could celebrate with you! Good man

    Oli had a day off yesterday to watch F1 before his next 12 day stretch! He’s not impressed to be working Cmas Day and on call all of Christmas !!

    Asher started his new teaching job today at Emmas school – every afternoon. So she has his company an awful lot!!! He continues on mornings with the school he’s been at these past 4 years until the summer. He STILL hasn’t started his dissertation thats due imminently!!!

    Anyway happy Monday big z X

    Sent from my iPhone


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