towards Lindfield – SHoT 19

The last couple of miles on the North Chailey to Haywards Heath stage are through a sprawling residential area.

As I approached this farm I came across myriad dog walkers, all of whom seemed to insist on using the same puddle ridden muddy track as myself.

They were all making towards this farm and the firmer paths beyond.

A young Buzzard perched on the end of dilapidated barn, and was repeatedly “buzzed” by an angry Crow.

The buzzard wasn’t bothered.

I like the way the light played on the broken windows, and wondered about designing a building with a similar style.

15 minutes later I’d made it into Lindfield, coming out on a road opposite a house called “Viking”.

I took a few pictures, but the lady inside the home looked rather glum.

Perhaps she was a prisoner!

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