Sea of Wheat – GMT 30

By: snowgood

Jul 28 2020

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Category: adventure, Photography, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

By the time I’d reached Covenham St.Mary it was obvious I’d been overly ambitious.

My estimate from the Hotel to the Cleethorpes coast was 12 miles, but in reality it was more like 16.

At least my phone was still recording the route, and I was still feeling strong.

In truth the walk was starting to get a little silly.

I’d been through fields with dilapidated stiles, and uninviting terrain.

My navigation took me through gardens where I anticipated a good telling off, only to find I was on the legitimate path after walking down the driveway on the other side.

Presumably a land owner has a duty of care, and should maintain stiles.  In reality several in the north of Lincolnshire are likely to cause injury.

After negotiating 2 death traps I finally broke into a sea of wheat.

I was on exactly the right course, but wheat (which was sopping wet) virtually cover the path.

It’s at times like this one starts to appreciate the fact that once you’re absolutely soaked it really doesn’t matter anymore.

In places the stalks were reaching up above waist high, but once out by the Fulstow Land Dyke the route switched to tarmac and the stiff breeze quickly dried me out.


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