Classic Designs – Greenwich Meridian Trail 30

By: snowgood

Jul 28 2020

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Category: adventure, Architecture, Cars, Food, Walking


Focal Length:1.54mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

After the peaceful interior of St.James’s I stepped outside and headed into Beaumont’s Delicatessen and cafe.

En route I spotted this glorious Porsche 911 cabrio, and framed it up in front of the steeple.

Sorry about the ugly Citroen spoiling the view!

If you like your bird watching on a plate it’s worth noting that the rear courtyard affords great views of Peregrines if you take your binoculars.

The food was good too, it’s not often a sandwich comes with loads of extras.  What made my 30 minute break all the better was the interaction with other diners.

One couple had come across from Scunthorpe, because the forecast showed Louth would be better.

Others were happy to chat about the birds whilst I sipped my coffee.

Clean loos were an added bonus after my 12 mile three and half mile trek.

Then it was time to crack on.

It was still pretty humid so I popped into the petrol station at John Darke Volvo and grabbed three cold coffees and additional energy bars for later in the day.

Then it was time to leave Louth along Fanthorpe Lane.

Once again I had to cross the busy by-pass on foot, and in my haste nearly fell as there was storm drain placed in the worst possible place for a pedestrian.

Then I was slowly climbing, passing a zombie like youth in an overcoat with earplugs and no manners.

Funny how youngsters regard social distancing as the prerogative of those with advancing years.

Now it was time to either fork left and try and reach the sea via the wiggly Greenwich Meridian Trail, or top up my phone battery and enjoy relax back at my hotel.

I took the opportunity to study the rest of the route, and unwind.



3 comments on “Classic Designs – Greenwich Meridian Trail 30”

  1. Are the peregrines nesting somewhere on the church spire? I used to live in Lancashire and spent hours watching a pair with a nest on a mill chimney. It was a particularly ornate one with lots of fancy brickwork at the top which provided suitable ledges. Spectacular birds! I don’t think the local pigeon racing fraternity were very happy though!

  2. Thanks for the link. Great footage of the youngster’s maiden flight on there.

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