Eventually – Greenwich Meridian Trail 28

Any UK long distance walker will know that the worst time to call a taxi is Saturday evening.

Things aren’t quite so bad during lockdown, but from 6pm onwards there are usually folk trying to get out to have a good time (and a few beers).

So my plan last Saturday was to get up early, and I was shuffling around in my “breakastless” Hotel before 7:00am.

I was parked up at the far end of my walk before 8:30am in a lay-by at Hagworthingham.

The other side of the road JJ’s cafe was open and I popped in fora  cup of tea whilst trying to sort a cab.

Uh oh!

Of the 5 local taxi firms not one answered the phone.

A few minutes later Ross’s taxi called me back. He was available in 90 minutes time.

Bang went the early start, but top marks to Ross.  He arrived early and I was walking northwards by 10:08am and it was a lovely day.

This photo shows the West Fen Drain at Cowbridge.

The path skirts a Golf Course, and then runs arrow straight for miles.

2 comments on “Eventually – Greenwich Meridian Trail 28”

  1. I think you should compile all of your adventures in a book Stephen!

    • Hi Wil – well actually I’ve done two photobooks of this walk so far. If I could retire I’d be happy to walk more and write up my stories. I’m sure I could sell at least 2 copies! xx

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