Herald – Greenwich Meridian Trail 28

After a few friendly hellos from golfers I headed north, listening to invisible chiffchaffs in the shrubs lining my way.

In the Spring they’re easy to spot chiff chaffing away on leafless branches, but most of them are hidden by leaves in the summer.

There were a few Reed Warblers every now and then, but it soon became apparent this part of Lincolnshire doesn’t offer as much ornithological interest as the south.

Not that I’m complaining, the sun was shining and I’d seen fruit laden cherry trees which always take me back to my youth.

Fifty years after my Auntie Gladys died I still remember her, despite the fact we never met.

When we lived in Gloucestershire my sister and I would get a huge box of Christmas presents every year. They were posted from Boston ,Massachusetts and usually arrived in March.

One box introduced me to Planters Peanuts, and a treasured possession – my very own penknife.

I’d often  use the knife to peel off the bark on our garden cherry tree.  I used to enjoy whittling, but Dad wasn’t impressed when I trimmed wood from the Stereogram speaker grilles.

Fifteen minutes further along the track I had fresh memories.  A Triumph Herald, looking particularly smart in two tone red and white.

It took me back to one our Easter breaks in the Lake District when I learnt the Herald 13/60 was more than a match for my far more modern Renault 12TS.

I seem to remember a brief drive and being surprised by how much fun they were to drive.

Ah well, I’d made a good start – only 20 miles to go now!


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