Where did we go wrong?

By: snowgood

Mar 28 2020

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I recently walked all the way across London.

Through the mighty towers at Canary Wharf, and Canada Square, and up near “The City” and over the  Millennium Bridge.

These fancy buildings are the showpieces of Britain’s financial institutions.

The Shard sits mid-way between them, looking like a latter day Tower of Babel. The banks will survive, but what about you and me?

The Government offers individuals help as all but the essential businesses close down.

Businesses clamoured for aid just days after social distancing measures are introduced.

Those that are left in work are either “at risk” or under tremendous strain.

As we navigate through testing times what has changed?

I couldn’t get tomatoes earlier this week, and flour seems in short supply, but my shopping trolley was still  filled with wholesome food (and chocolate).

If I look to the skies there are no sign Stuka bombers.

Look to the seas and you’ll not see a sea-bourne invasion.

So where did we go wrong?

The leaders of the Western World have been peddling a lie.  Instead of pursuing virtue they relentlessly pursue economic growth.

Only a few months ago the news reported the average UK household debt now exceeds that of the last crash.

Is all this mess someone else’s fault, or do we all share the responsibility?

Whatever happened to the concept of saving for a rainy day?

Do I feel for those who are sick?

Of course, but the nation has been indulging without a thought for tomorrow.

The real losers here are the pour souls on zero hour contracts who’ve never enjoyed the good times.

In the three months that Corvid-19 has taken 20,000 lives a further 1.6 million children have died because of malnutrition, TB, diarrhoea, and malaria!

Time for us to re-set our priorities?






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