GMT 18 – Standon deliver!

By: snowgood

Mar 29 2020

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Category: adventure, Rural Community, Travel, Walking

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Focal Length:1.54mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

In the current economic my employer is asking us to use paid leave as the workload and orders fall.

The threat of “Lockdown” meant that I decided to push on with my long distance walk whilst it was still possible.

The excitement of each Greenwich Meridian stage has ignited my ability to rise each morning.

On Monday I packed  my bags, setting off at 7:30am, arriving in Royston by nine.

I checked in at the Old Bull Inn (as the only guest), did my ablutions and called for a taxi back to Barwick Ford.

Unlike our Saturday mini-bus ride this was a journey to forget.

The local driver had no idea where he was going, and was constantly gazing at his phone whilst driving.

It was scary and Highway Robbery at £55 for a short ride!

Even so I was able to start my 18 mile walk at 10:30am, and carry on this great adventure.

First up I had to head east, and then cut through woodland to the north.

A police sign warned of £5000 fines if people are caught “Hare Coursing”.

It’s a practice I thought had died out years ago, but evidently I’m wrong. So imagine my delight when I saw my first hare moments later.

The route took me through to a quaint valley, where I was further delighted to watch 2 lapwings fly overhead.

Occasional couples appeared walking towards me, but we kept well apart to avoid spreading germs.

The route climbed up and over arable land before dropping to Paper Mill Lane, Standon.

A beautiful church was open for prayer, but evidently this parish (despite strong mission links) wasn’t calling on God at this time.

Standon’s a pretty place featuring a friendly bakery, and miserable postmistress.

I took out £40 and didn’t bother with the sweets on sale!




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