GMT 2 – A taste of Lewes

Saturday 11/01/2020 was the first day of my Greenwich Meridian Walk.

As mentioned earlier I’m hoping to fit this in and around my schedule and complete the trail from South to North within 2 years.

After Day 1 under grey skies and in blustery conditions I simply couldn’t wait to do some more, especially as the sun was shining on Sunday.

Roz dropped me off at Three Bridges after church, and I hopped on a train to Haywards Heath within seconds of arriving on Platform 5.

A short while later I was trying to suss out which platform to take for the second leg to Lewes, and a local came up and guided me.

Total waiting time for the two trains? Not more than 3 minutes.

If I’d missed the latter it would have been an hour for the next service.

Five minutes into my second walk I stopped for coffee, a bagel, and a cheese scone.

Less than quarter of an hour later I was off with my iPhone guiding me up to HM Prison Lewes, and took the opportunity to pray for the inmates and staff.

My OS map shows this first sector (which is entirely uphill) adds 120 metres in elevation before turning sharp right down towards Offham.

I forgot to switch on Strava, but the iPhone health monitor only clocked 25% of my “flights” climbed.

Mind you I’m getting ahead of myself.  Even on a sunny afternoon it was fun peering through shop windows, and surveying the castle.

Whilst the town wasn’t exactly buzzing there was still a good vibe about the place.

I’d given myself 2 hours 15 minutes to navigate my way to Barcombe Cross, would I make it in time for my rendevous?

In case you’re wondering – Yes, I was thinking of Psalm 23:5 whilst I had my lunch.

2 comments on “GMT 2 – A taste of Lewes”

  1. Super!! Did you go inside to pray at the prison big z?!?!

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