GMT – Bike Store- Lewes

Here’s a contrast to the lovely 12th century Iford Church, but before I get to that maybe I should fill you in on my final two and half miles on foot.

Out of the church the Greenwich Meirdian Trail manages to keep pretty close to Piddinghoe Road, crossing muddy fields liberally strewn with flint and stubble.

A bit further on I came across smart Holiday Lodges at “Swanborough Lakes”.  These were set out nicely on an embankment overlooking the South Downs and a few lakes.

I picked up a leaflet, and thought it could offer us a suitable weekend retreat.

Thankfully the nearby sewage farm appeared to give off no unpleasant odour!

Up ahead the trail drew close to the road and then followed “The Cockshut” a narrow algae covered channel featuring Moorhen and a miserable looking Mute Swan.

In the fading light I also “clocked” a silent Song Thrush, and a trio of Mallard.

Passing over a 5 bar gate (rather than traversing a muddy sludge and a kissing gate) I came across a route I’ve used when cycling previously.

Beyond that there was a lively sports club adjacent to a hideously pot-holed car park.

Just beyond that the path took a sharp right through the remains of the St.Pancras (Lewes) Priory.

I took a few photos, and then found myself alongside Lewes Football Club where a game was in full swing.

Sadly for the home crowd Carshalton scored just as I passed.  The final score was Lewes 0 – 1 Carshalton.

Moments later I was back at Lewes Railway Station, and marvelling at the secure Bike Store which must be a boon for commuters.

Especially as it cost £6.50 to park for one day!

So that was the end of my first day on The Greenwich Meridian Trail.

A great success.

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