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Oct 01 2022

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A friend thrust this into my hands last Sunday lunchtime. It started so well that I managed to polish off all 270 pages by bedtime.

Everything kicks off when a young boy (with Asperger’s) finds a dog which has experienced an unfortunate union with a garden fork.

Our somewhat “challenged” youth decides to alert the owner, who immediately jumps to an incorrect conclusion.

The Old Bill pop around, and get the wrong end of the stick too, and not much later Christopher find himself down at the local “Nick”.

Poor Christopher has seriously alarmed his dad (Ed) does his best to deter Christopher’s quest to solve the murder.

Then the book explores the way we handle “difficult” information, and our junior detective discovers a pile of letters indicating that his “deceased” mother may be alive and well.

Mark Haddon then unwraps how an Aperger’s sufferer might think when faced with his greatest fears.


Unfamiliar Territory.


I’m glad I read this, but wasn’t convinced by the portrayal of “The Police”, and the blasphemy and swearing weren’t my cup of tea.

8 out of 10

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