Falling in love again!

By: snowgood

Nov 09 2019

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I was “down the pub” with a friend this week and he said something quite striking.

When I was talking about my wife he said “It sounds like your in love”.

Now isn’t that one of the nicest things you could ever hear?

So now it’s confession time.

She’s away for a few days, and whilst she’s been gone I’ve fallen in love with a.n.other.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

Funny how these things happen.  I only went out to buy a loaf of bread, but ended up driving  further 30 miles to Seaford.

Whilst I was there I popped into the Hyundai dealer to look at the NEW Ioniq.

They had one in the showroom, and had two of the previous generation Electric versions on sale.

One was a demonstrator with 225 miles on the clock, and after a quick briefing I was let loose all on my own.

Now I thought this would be a lacklustre option, but actually it far exceeded my expectations.

Earlier in the week I drove a BMW 320 M Sport which had one party trick, a fabulous Head Up Display for speed and Sat Nav.

Other than that the £42,000 car didn’t excite me at all.

So imagine my surprise when I was working out how I could wangle an all electric vehicle from my employers.

If the old one is that good I can only imagine how super the new version might be.

If you’re a “Badge” snob you might think I’m mad, but this is a very impressive machine for the real world.

It won’t go as fast as the BMW, but it does have radar assisted Cruise Control, and automatic braking if a pedestrian were to jump out in front of you.

I’m in love all over again!


One comment on “Falling in love again!”

  1. Made me chuckle! I’ll look out for your new motor then shall i!

    Sent from my iPhone


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