Box Hill route

By: snowgood

Dec 20 2022


Category: birds, Walking

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I guess the highlight of our walk was squeezing into the shop at Headley for cups of tea, croissants (no fillings) and Tunnocks Teacakes.

I also bought Roz a pre-Christmas present, a locally made candle.

On the way back the stretch towards Mickleham was so pretty. Crunch, crunch as we trudged across the snow.

Later on the descent towards the foot of Juniper Hill I took a tumble, but nothing but a scuffed hand by way of damage.

After the long haul up Juniper Hill the sun seemed to plummet. We walked to the viewpoint and I was reminded of the time I heard and saw my first Willow Warbler here 40 odd years ago. Now’s not the time for them, but I still felt an inner joy dwelling on that memory.

Perhaps the most significant thing afterwards was the battle to get back to Crawley County Mall carols. I got stuck in Peas Soup Fog. Top speed 15 mph, visibility not more than 20 feet!

Man may be smart, but The Lord can still get us to slow down at times.

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