A case of mistaken identity?

By: snowgood

Jul 12 2022

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Category: birds


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Several years ago whilst out bird-watching in Portugal I learnt the importance of taking photos.

On home turf a camera isn’t much use in getting your bird species sorted out. Generally you’ve a good idea on what is around and your binoculars or ‘scope suffice.

If you’re on foreign soil a camera can do two things.

  1. It can record what you spotted, and help with ID later.
  2. It can also record things you missed at the time, and help you “bag” additional sightings. I once “clocked an Eagle” which I had missed with naked eye.

When I snapped this one I hadn’t a clue what i was looking at, but when it came up on my PC I thought “Stone Curlew”.

Upon closer inspection I’m now pretty confident I was swayed by what i know “back home”.

So let’s call it a Senegal Thick-knee instead. They look remarkably alike, but the wing pattern edges it for me.

2 comments on “A case of mistaken identity?”

  1. Good advice. We are currently in Kelowna in central BC. Yesterday I heard a Collared dove! Was instantly transported back to the UK (we don’t have them in Calgary)

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