Saddlebill Stork – Murchinson Falls – Uganda

By: snowgood

Jul 11 2022

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Category: birds, Travel


On our last day in Uganda we managed to squeeze in a 3 hour boat trip on the White Nile.

I saw so many “firsts” whilst away, and this one had a special significance.

The Saddlebill Stork’s beak is black, red, and yellow and forms the main colours of the Ugandan flag.

I somehow missed a chance to photograph the Grey Crowned Crane, which is the central emblem on the national flag, but we got a good view from the team bus.

Apologies for the Rothschild’s Giraffe that gate-crashed my picture.

2 comments on “Saddlebill Stork – Murchinson Falls – Uganda”

  1. Fabulous LOVE giraffes!

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  2. Never apologise for a giraffe!

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