Spitfires and Woodpeckers – Tandridge Border

The fifth stage of my Tandridge Border Path walk ended at The White Bear, Fickleshole.

I’ve had some memorable meals there, but not on the 9th April, as they can’t get a chef – and apparently it is killing their business.

Thankfully that still had crisps and good coffee, and I called Oxted Cars just as a new driver was coming onto his shift.

My route back to the car involved an hilarious ride back to the “wrong station” following a crazy guy in a Renault Traffic overtaking on narrow lanes, and then slowing down on fast straight roads.

Ten minutes later I was on a quiet train back to Upper Warlingham, and an easy drive home.

The next day saw me back at the White Bear and heading towards Beddlestead Lane, only just over 3 miles, but nearly six by the time I did a figure of 8 back to Fickleshole.

In the valley shown above I kept hearing a Green Woodpecker, but didn’t get to see it. Suicidal Pheasants crashed through the undergrowth ahead of me, and a Spitfire through directly overhead. I guess I was less than 2 miles from the Biggin Hill runway.

A short, but awesome walk.

Well worth squeezing into a busy day.

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