Get Away – Rye Harbour beach

By: snowgood

Feb 28 2022

Category: birds, Sussex


After 4 long days working in Belgium, and two further days catching up with work after I got home the 26th Feb was always pencilled in as an opportunity to unwind.

I’d heard about a Spoonbill, Black Necked Grebe, and Icelandic Gull being on the reserve.

The sun shone on Saturday morning, so we were off with binoculars and scope straight after breakfast.

51 species later we came home very happy, having kept reasonably warm and mud free.

We missed the gull, saw the other key species and particularly enjoyed watching Little Grebe, Snipe and Knot.

I’m glad we had a walk along the beach too, it feels SO BIG and LIBERATING to walk on acres of seashore sand, with blue skies and sunshine.

2 comments on “Get Away – Rye Harbour beach”

  1. There are times that I wish the nearest beach was closer than two hours away. We have had two short trips up to our eldest son in Scarborough this month, the second for his father-in-law’s funeral. We managed brief beach walks in beautiful sunshine on both occasions.

    • TBH the situation here isn’t much better. Anything remotely resembling a “real” beach in an hour and 15 to an hour and 30 away. That’s the worst bit about life around here – you need a car or simply have to put of with the concrete walls & shingle at Brighton which is 40 minutes away.

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