Died and gone to Devon

By: snowgood

Dec 30 2021

Category: books, Death, Devon, Politics

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I spotted this in the library and had to pick it up!

What a great title, and delightful front cover.

I’d never heard of T.P.Fielden, and to be honest the book didn’t gel with me immediately, but I stuck with it anyway.

Plus points, no swearing or sex scenes – just a fairly plain jane murder story with the odd bit of inter-office bitchiness thrown in.

The book is a follow on from others which chart the sleuth like skills of Huguette Dimont elsewhere in the fictional town of Temple Regis. Maybe that is why it took me a while to figure out the characters.

As a once prolific camera man I identified with Terry the Riviera Express photographer, who captured great shots of suspects.

The author manages to play with the money grabbing tendencies of the Tory party to paint a grim picture of the local MP, who disappears then turns up again wearing a rather close fitting tie.

The best bits for me were reliving our own time in Devon and picturing the landscape and towns littered throughout the plot.

In summary – Light Hearted Fun – 6 out of 10.

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