The Evening and the Morning

Here’s a strange thing.

An 897 page book “devoured” in less than a week, masquerading under a title which has no connection with the story whatsoever.

It features an abundance of bedroom activity, much of it without the female’s consent.

That’s the bad stuff out of the way.

Other than that it paints a plausible picture of life in the environs of Wessex under the control of a family triumvirate with scant regard for King Ethelred’s rule of law.

Broken down simply there are three distinguished “baddies”, with further minions helping the ruling powers govern their little enclave – all of which are up against three “goodies”.

I don’t mean Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Graeme Garden, but rather Edgar, Ragna, and Brother Aldred.

It’s a classic tale of people fighting against all the odds and enduring relentless disappointment.

Edgar is a likeable character of above average intelligence and considerable mathematical and practical skills.

Ragna is the daughter of a aristocratic family in Cherbourg, whilst Aldred is monk with a thirst for justice and sincere belief in the teachings of Christ.

The story gathers pace when Wilf the ruler of Edgar’s region crosses the channel and comes to the attention of a rebellious Ragna who arranges secret meetings and nights of passion.

Sometime later she crosses the channel to marry the powerful hunter, and rugged Wilf. She finds the English people inhospitable, the dwellings damp and draughty.

Soon enough their wedding day comes and goes, and the happy couple start out on what looks like an idyllic life.

What could possibly go wrong?

Why not buy the book and find out?

Or listen to the author reading the first chapter here!

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