Horsey Seal Colony

By: snowgood

Nov 17 2021

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Category: birds, Nature

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Last weekend I was invited up to the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk, with the specific aim of seeing the Grey Seal colony on Horsey Beach.

After a satisfactory breakfast in Poppylands Cafe we braved the elements to try and get a glimpse of the pregnant seals, and the earliest new arrivals.

David was disappointed by the ropes, and cordoned off sections just back from the beach.

I was happy enough, especially as three Sanderlings made a point of running along the shoreline.

The information board claimed over 1100 seals live here, but when we went at least 1000 had “gone fishing”.

At least we managed to see a few, and the sun shone for 5 minutes.

Once the rain came we pushed off inland on a failed mission to find Pink Footed Geese.

One comment on “Horsey Seal Colony”

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