Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth

By: snowgood

Nov 05 2021


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I’m slowly getting through a list of the books I planned to read earlier this year.

Whilst I heard all the “hoopla” about the successful BBC TV Series I wasn’t in the least interested as Roz took her comfy chair every Sunday evening.

A long time after the series started my “day job” took me to Mill Hill, and an old Catholic convent being converted into high end apartments.

To cut a long story short the contractor on site didn’t fancy carrying hundred of metres of coving up 12 flights of stairs, and our lightweight man-made materials ended up being used.

In the course of my visit I popped into the chapel, and was told it had been used to shoot the TV series.

The building was wonderful so I decided to check out the TV show, and soon found myself on the iPlayer getting into all the episodes I’d missed.

What made the show so compelling is the sheer breadth of discernible characters. Rather like Dad’s Army, or the film Twelve Angry Men each person seemed believable – and how they interreacted made each episode a joy.

So how about the book? Nurse Jenny Lee writes with a tenderness, and humility that made the early chapters even better than the TV show. I also enjoyed the latter chapters, but (and there is a but) I found the three chapters on prostitution unpalatable.

No doubt the horrors reported of the notorious cafés of Cable Street are true, but for me at least they were too unsavoury.

The horrors of life within the brothels are not something I found edifying, and perhaps they could have been alluded to without all the detail I fully understand that many will be outraged by the way certain men behave an entertain themselves, but would rather not know the grizzly truth.

Sadly there will be women in a similar plight in just about every city around the world. It would be nice to think we can do something to help, but my guess is that localised successes will just move the problem onto other venues elsewhere.

BOOK RATING – 8 out of 10

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  1. Thanks for the review …I saw it in the library and wondered if I should take a break from the Clifton Chronicles, I’m on book no5 of JArchers books… maybe I’ll give it a go then! Tá x

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