Rye Harbour’s iconic Red Roof

By: snowgood

Oct 13 2021

Category: Architecture, birds

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On Saturday I got to spend 2 hours walking around the fabulous Rye Harbour nature reserve.

I’m told we were witnessing the highest tide of the year, with the main channel up to Rye bursting banks and adding a “new look” I’d not seen before.

The birds were out in force, with Little Egrets close to the path catching fish non-stop with their dagger like bills, and nifty stirring motions with their feet to scare their prey into the open.

A few Tern were still present, Common and Sandwich, Curlew have arrived in good numbers but my “best birds” were two Greenshank.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the hut with bright red roof, possibly one of the most photographed buildings in the whole of Sussex.

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