Agnes Obel – Vigil withdrawal symptoms

By: snowgood

Oct 05 2021

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Hands up everyone who’s missing the BBC “Vigil” drama series?

It may have finished but that theme music was so good, and I’m delighted to have inadvertently discovered a “new” artist, Agnes Obel.

Listen to her here.

So why the picture?

DCI Silva was the one under the waves, but back on dry land the character DS Kirsten Longacre was whizzing around in a sweetly styled blue Renault Megane.

They might not sell many here but it’s a beautiful car, and the one in the background here is identical to the one which kept stopping at a Peace Camp and the secretive submarine base.

Oh, and I just happen to like these cyclamen seen on our recent walk around Figsbury Ring down near Salisbury.

Maybe the TV show was even less credible than the latest Bond film, but for all the failings I loved it!

4 comments on “Agnes Obel – Vigil withdrawal symptoms”

  1. Those weekly cliffhangers on Vigil were stressful. It was excellent, but I rather wish I’d waited and binge-watched it all at once.

  2. Did you mean hands UP?!

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