Fallen Angel – threads through creation

Last week we took time out to see Jacqui Parkinson’s latest touring art show at Salisbury Cathedral.

There are 12 enormous textile panels loving created by Jaqui Parkinson and stitched with help from friends in Devon.

What a thought provoking show, and one that really captured the imagination of the myriad visitors over recent weeks.

How do you put the creation story into pictures?

Where do start?

What to put in?

What to leave out?

I like the gentle way the side panels commentate on each display inviting people to at least consider whether the creation story in Genesis is quite as implausible as popular culture suggests.

Sadly it has been moved on now, and I’m not sure where it will next appear.

Keep your eyes on Jacqui’s website which should reveal more in due course.

If you’re puzzled by this panel then check out Revelation 12

The creation story shared in the last book of the New Testament, the Bible is full of surprises.

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