The Trawlerman – William Shaw

It seems like an age since I finished the last D S Alexandra Cupidi crime novel, but in truth it was only a year ago that Grave’s End won a 10 out of 10.

The latest publication finds Cupidi in an absolute mess, with all the previous horrors of the job haunting her as she takes time off and works with a counsellor to regain her composure.

Even as an emotional wreck the antenna are still active, and the story starts out with a brilliant scene which almsot suggests our star has a superhuman 6th sense.

Then the book rattles along with plenty of giggles along the way, and the ever caring Zoe pops in and out of the picture as she cares for her fragile Mum whilst mixing with the dysfunctional waifs and strays on the Kent coast.

Shaw makes one faux pas, suggesting a Grouse is seen in the Dungeness area (really?). Other than that the homework that’s gone into the plot gives the reader all the nuances that make his stories so enjoyable, and pulls back the veil on what goes on behind the scenes “back at the station”.

So how does the story end up? Pretty well, but wrapping up the details to bring the book to a suitable conclusion was a bit too simplistic.

7 out of 10 – and even if I’m slightly disappointed I can’t wait for his next novel.

FYI – this is Folkestone, where “The Trawlerman” sets off with our hero on board.

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