Great Crested Grebe – Hedgecourt Lake

By: snowgood

Aug 23 2021


Category: birds

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Saturday was always going to be busy, as we were hosting a charity event in our back garden.

I was up early, and took a circuit around Hedgecourt Lake once again.

I was thrilled to get within iPhone shooting range of this delicate bird.

Just over a 130 years ago Great Crested Grebes, and Little Egrets were being killed to provide feathers for milliners!

A group of three ladies were outraged, and started a society to protect this species, which eventually morphed into the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

In effect there small step kick started one Britain’s biggest charities. Today they have over a million members and an annual revenue in excess of £110 million.

One day I should make the effort to get a decent picture with my proper camera!

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