Who knows where the time goes?

After months of hard work we finally got an important business decision across the line yesterday, what a relief!

It all too easy to run life at maximum speed, and forget we aren’t machines.

Since COVID and BREXIT have impacted my “day job” I’ve found my lunch breaks are about 45 minutes shorter, the days often start earlier and end later.

Last wavering yesterday evening – unsure if I’d left it too late to go out I eventually plumped on a trip to nearby Hedgecourt Lake as end of day “therapy”.

What a wonderful session.

On arrival I was at first saddened to see the Common Terns have gone, starting their long migration southwards.

After a few minutes scanning the lake, I decided it was worth putting up the tripod and using my scope. My highlights were twofold.

Firstly I had a prolonged sighting of a male Sparrowhawk replete with bright yellow legs which were catching the last rays of sunlight.

A heron croaked overhead, but I never got to see it as these timid hawks are usually just a blur in the garden, before they float down beyond a hedge.

House Martins came and went, Pochards dived, a pruning Great Crested Grebe looked like it was an albino specimen until it finished essential maintenance.

A lady approached and asked about Kingfishers (none to be seen last night) and then was thrilled to look into the ‘scope and spot the distant ducks and Sea Cadets.

Our conversation continued quite a while as discussed everything from cuckoos to glow worms.

I think that’s just the tonic I needed after a day earning my crust. Hedgecourt seems to be a great place to strike up conversations, and I guess this interaction has been what most of us have missed the last 18 months.

What do you do to keep cheerful?

You could try this track!

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