2084 – John C.Lennox

I just finished this rather intellectual book.

It’s nota speed read, but a detailed look at how Artificial Intelligence is gathering momentum, and a consideration of where it could be heading.

Sounds interesting?

You bet it is, but maybe in ways you and I might not like.

The author seems to know what he is talking about, but seems to have a real problem with the beliefs of Yuval Noah Harari.

Whatever that chap thinks I thought the book could have been more powerful if this aversion to Harari’s views had been held a little more in check.

I’m pretty sure the average main in the street is aware that Ai is already presenting issues with our freedom, and individual security, so the relentless pursuit of counter teaching seemed a bit like the current spat between Christian Horner and Mercedes since the British Grand Prix.

Whatever the merits of Verstappen v Hamilton I’d rather we moved on, and so it is here.

The author is good though, and cross references 1984, Gorge Orwell, a Brave New World and the excellent SciFi trilogy by C.S. Lewis (especially That Hideous Strength) to outline where AI could be heading and the dangers it brings.

I was blown away by the fact that such a contemporary book, which tries to delve into the future turns to Genesis to really illustrate what’s going on!

Wow, the Bible is an amazing book, but what with this and glimpses into Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation we can get a true perspective on why the followers of Jesus needn’t feel too scared.

I was surprised that Lennox didn’t use the sequence from 2001 a Space Odyssey to illustrate the dangers of AI – I always thought the scene where the HAL 9000 super computer rebels against the Astronauts who were originally thought the machine was there to help them!

So overall what can I conclude?

A thought provoking book, one that’s worth reading. It might be a tough read for an atheist, but then if God doesn’t exist what have you got to lose.

Go on, get a copy and see if this book is at all useful! You might just see Jesus in a new light.

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