One more Croissant – Felicity Cloake

I’m revelling in the joys of our local library.

Why oh why did I feel obliged to buy the majority of my reading material?

The ladies in East Grinstead are incredibly helpful at rooting out books I’ve never been able to find, and the display points also thrust books I would never dream of buying under my nose.

One more Croissant for the Road was “blocking my way to the stairs” and captured my attention.

Why did I pick it up?

  1. I love cycling
  2. I like adventure
  3. Food, glorious food – what a great topic
  4. I never understood why food in France is usually so bad (was I doing something wrong?).

Felicity writes with a sense of fun, serves up recipes and would appear to have a drink problem. Who wouldn’t if they were cycling hundred of miles, and climbing mountains.

A great book, which a few maps could have made even better.

Delighted that she reported on the old Reims Race Track towards the end, one of my favourite finds on my last trip through the nation.


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