Constable Country – Flatford Mill

So we went away.

On holiday!

Gasp of surprise.

Most everywhere is out of bounds so we chose a destination on the GREEN list.

Yup, we stayed in England.

Here’s Roz (if you look closely) outside Flatford Mill, which is pretty much the same now as it was 210 years ago when Constable took out his easel and W.H.Smith’s paint set.

Obvs. he’d be kicking himself now that my iPhone has taken a more colourful rendition after about 3 seconds prep, but the boy done well considering.

Check out the original HERE.

The best bit of our leisure ramble around this National Trust site was finding the SPENDER book reviewed earlier, that and a spot of dragonfly watching at the nearby lake.

Of course we weren’t staying locally, but our Holiday Cottage was in Suffolk.

If you want to get there pretty pronto from our house “The Only Way is Essex”, which afforded us this nice stop off virtually en route.

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