Spender – The Novel -Jimmy Nail

Absolutely Splendid.

We are just back from a week in Suffolk.

On the way to “our” cottage we popped into Flatford Mill, and I just happened to see a sign to their second hand book stall.

Whoop, whoop!

There was a book based on one of my all time favourite TV series.

Spender is a fictional Geordie under-cover cop who works in unconventional ways, and shares his digs with a petty thief.

The 3 seasons were recoded at great expense, and featured everything from drug dealing, bank heists, and blackmail.

All of them were superbly crafted, with great believable characters.

My favourite was “Stick” the petty thief and Spender’s best mate. Frances his estranged wife and two girls were great too.

I had no idea there was a book, but within a few minutes I was totally absorbed. It was good as watching the TV show. There are some classic lines, and great schoolboy type humour that cracked me up.

How good was the book?


How good was the show?

Find out here

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