Beyond the Kittiwakes

By: snowgood

May 29 2021

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Category: birds, Sussex

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Which country comes to mind when you look at this photo?

I’ve never been there, but for me it looks like it could be Malta.

Those two girls standing on the cliff tops took numerous photos, and one of them got quite close to the edge.

I did too for that matter, because down below hundreds of Kittiwakes were nesting on the cliff just beyond the edge of Seaford, Sussex.

Peering through my binoculars I marvelled at how these small gulls had managed to build nests in such precarious positions.

Zoom in or squint and you might see them.

Then as I looked closer numerous birds soared up and around and I was mesmerised. I heard a voice in my head telling me that I should jump off and fly.

It all looked so easy.

The (silent) voice of reason took control, and I stepped back.

I find it quite remarkable that lower slopes have fences, but the cliff tops are totally exposed.

Hopefully nobody will lean over to far…………….

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