Down to the Sea in Ships

Based upon the 15 books I’ve read so far this year (excluding The Bible) this one gets the silver medal.

Down to the Sea in Ships is written by the youthful character who chased across Africa and Europe in pursuit of “A Solitary Swallow”.

“Ships” was written eight years after the former publication, and represents a “great leap forward” for someone who already knew how to tell a good yarn.

In it “Horace” joins the crew on two Maersk ships covering thousands of nautical miles, encountering mountainous seas, and the tight knit world of the merchant seamen.

Consumers the world over have virtually no concept of how their everyday goods traverse the globe to meet their every whim.

The crews are made up of well paid Europeans, and financially abused Asians. On top of that there are times when even the giants like Maersk provide a service which loses money and can hardly compete with the Chinese market leaders.

As a “birder” I particularly enjoyed hearing all about the various species which hitched a ride on board.

I’m pretty sure anyone would enjoy it, and there’s no need for the reader to be a shipping enthusiast.

If you ever think you’re not getting a good deal at work, dip into these pages and think again!

(Photo taken on the Isle of Wight ferry out of Gun Wharf)

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