One of my favourite places

I’m currently having to curtail my long distance walks to protect a “dodgy knee”.

My dream of going for a 26 mile walk this year has been “put on ice”.

Roz seems to think I should use ice to help me get better, but I’ll wait and see what the X-Ray reveals.

Until them I’m trying to “grin and bear it”, or simply walk around Hedgecourt Lake after a day at work.

It might only be two miles, but I can only get half way around before the dreaded limp sets in.

Thankfully that’s enough to enjoy the birds.

In the last week the best sights have been a noisy Hobby, oh so beautiful Common Tern, and today I saw an enormous Terrapin snoozing close to the northern bank.

One comment on “One of my favourite places”

  1. Hello you Hobbling about on that knee…still!!?! And getting an x-ray Oh vey!

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