A Sinister Ending – Greensand Way

The final stages of the Greensand Way run through a curious woodland. There are trails and footpaths criss-crossing each like a tangled ball of wool.

Ten minutes before I emerged at the end I heard a train. Quite possibly the one I planned to use in my attempt to get back to Egerton.

“Never mind” I thought it could be running on the “down line”.

At 7pm these woods had a very different “feel” to most, and the repeater signs for the Saxon Shore Way made me feel I was stepping back into a different era.

On the last stages coming up to the woods I’d walked on a public footpath through a caravan site, and then a park home and light industrial site.

As I stepped through the latter I had to endure a hostile stare from someone who like he probably owned the land. For all the signs up forbidding access he knew (as I did) that I was on a public footpath.

How would anyone with such an outlook treat paying customers? There was even a mannequin in a window just far enough away to make you think you were being watched off the land.

Beyond the trail ventured along a very unkempt path, surrounded by rosehips and Oil Seed Rape. I heard a Yellowhammer, and saw a few swallows before the last mile in the woods.

Yes, I had missed “my train” – and the next one was 50 minutes away. Even though I’d picked up some books from the phone box I didn’t fancy waiting. All I wanted after nearly 18 miles walking was to get home.

I called a local taxi firm who sent out a nice guy in a Mondeo who knew all the back lanes to Egerton. He was an engaging chap who enriched my day, and just before we got back he said did you see those women by the side of the road?

They’re looking at the spot where the remains of Sarah Everard were found. What a tragedy, and how tragic that those in a position of trust can fall so far and cause such harm.

We live in a fallen world and the shockwaves of this murder have impacted many. Look after yourselves, tread carefully!

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

Isaiah 55:6

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